Daisy Soaps

Choose Daisy Soaps, if you:

● believe in no-harm philosophy,
● want a positive change in your skincare routine,
● understand the benefits of self-love.

There’s a second chance for your skin.

Skincare is easy.

At least, it should be, & that’s where Daisy Soaps comes in.

A healthy, sustainable, & genuine alternative to mass-produced skincare products.

We focus on the essential: natural oils, butters, & time. This is where the imagination comes into play, just like a real piece of art can be born by skillfully mixing only the key colours. Thanks to the traditional method of cold process soapmaking, we learned to appreciate the beauty-enhancing gifts of nature & the true value of handwork. This resulted in our sustainable path: no plastic, no palm oil, and 100% of recyclability.