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DAISY SOAPS – handmade & homemade soaps, solid shampoo, & other skincare products – came into being very naturally. Exactly how real friendship starts: a pinch of curiosity, a drop of understanding, & endless smiles along the way. It was a personal journey to find a solution in order to help ourselves & those close to us.


We started the quest to fight eczema & other skin problems that were a cause of distress even on the most beautiful days. But every dark cloud has a silver lining – personal skin issues led us to a completely different understanding of how skincare products should be created.


Since then we have no doubt that nature is the most powerful source of healing ingredients. Unfortunately, that often gets overshadowed by big & expensive brand names.


We were overwhelmed by the variety of natural oils, butters, & clays that can do wonders for the skin & overall wellbeing. And, what’s the most often used skincare product – it’s soap!


Soon, a number of personal discoveries followed. We came to know about a traditional cold process soapmaking method which truly aligned with our values. Thanks to this method, the majority of qualities from natural ingredients are preserved. Also, it encourages to slow down & acknowledge the power of time, as it takes 4-6 weeks for natural chemical reactions to form a solid soap bar. Moreover, making & using this soap is an environmentally friendly choice, a small but significant step towards sustainability. And… there’s always a lot of space for imagination & creativity!


Our efforts turned into Moment of Nature – our first collection of carefully selected soaps!

Nature &… friendship – these are our main sources of inspiration we’d like to share with you too,


Ramune & Laura, childhood friends <3

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