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Cedar & Blackcurrant (Thuja occidentalis + Ribes nigrum)

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Cedar & Blackcurrant (Thuja occidentalis + Ribes nigrum)

Aromatic herbs for smudging are sustainably grown in a small farm far from the city near the confluence of the two rivers in Northern Europe: Dubysa and Nemunas, Lithuania.

Incense created for harmonisation of your home or working place, meditation, concentration, spiritual practice, amortisation, air purification. Also, it scares wild insects.

It is recommended to light the incense from a natural wax candle flame. After burning the incense, be sure that the flame has gone out, so only then smudging bundle can be left in the incense burner/holder. It is important to use the smudging dish to collect the ashes because it can cause a fire. Tied natural herbs do not contain any added oils. It consists small amount of moisture, so stops smudging after several minutes. Smudging bundles are 100% botanical, natural and vegan friendly. Leftovers and ashes are safe to compost.

• Do not leave burning or smudging herbs unattended;
• Do not smudge herbs in the room where is a lack of ventilation;
• Do not smudge bundle in the windy weather – burning
ashes can cause the open fire;
• After smudging session open the window or use other sources of ventilation;
• Do not use burning or smudging herbal bundle near small
kids or pets;
• Please act carefully with fire and mind safety.

Proudly grown and hand made in Lithuania by Indraja @Pelkių Žolė


Cedar & Blackcurrant (Thuja occidentalis + Ribes nigrum)
Smudge Stick – each of the stick is approx 12 cm in length

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