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Nettle Solid Shampoo Bar

£20.00 for one

The greenery of ancient woods – Nettle Solid Shampoo Bar! Behind its stingy appearance, nettle hides a number of benefits &, as a powerful medicinal herb, is valued all over the world. Our handmade, plastic-free, & long-lasting Nettle Solid Shampoo Bar is created from carefully selected oils (pumpkin seed, apricot kernel, & more), butters (shea, cacao), & herbal powders (spirulina, aloe vera, & more). Enriched with silk peptides, full of natural silk amino acids, this solid shampoo turns your hair care routine into an experience to look forward to.


Nettles contain a lot of vitamins (A, C, B2, K1, E), essential amino acids, beneficial fats, & minerals (iron, magnesium, calcium, phosphorus, potassium, sodium). Nettles are also full of beta-carotene, lutein, & other carotenoids. Other main ingredients – cold-pressed oils & butters, rich in vitamins & antioxidants, nourish not only your hair, but the scalp & hair follicles as well.


Nettle Solid Shampoo Bar:

  • can effectively reduce & prevent hair loss,
  • stimulates new hair growth,
  • helps your hair & scalp to stay healthy,
  • protects your hair strands from thinning,
  • effectively treats dandruff & psoriasis,
  • helps in restoring the original hair colour,
  • makes your hair more shiny & strong.


Solid shampoo bar is an environmentally-friendly product. It’s safe, compact, travel-friendly, convenient to use, & doesn’t require any excess packaging. Also, it’s long-lasting & has a better value compared to standard shampoo in bottles.


As each solid shampoo bar is created using solely natural ingredients, its individual appearance may slightly differ than in the picture & might change over time.

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