True Love Massage Candle - Daisy Soaps

True Love Massage Candle

£23.00 for one

True Love Massage Candle is a completely natural skincare product enriched with lemon peel, ylang-ylang, & lavender essential oils. It acts as an irritation-free cosmetic balm & brings a lot of coziness to your beauty routine. True Love Massage Candle is especially suitable for providing the essential care for those parts of your skin that usually get forgotten (hands, elbows, feet, & heels). The combination of beeswax & soy wax forms an ideal container for vitamin E, cocoa, mango, & other butters. As the wax keeps melting, their qualities slowly unfold, step by step, pampering your skin. The effect can be compared to that of a paraffin bath, except using exclusively natural active substances. Moreover, the wick is crafted from slow burning organic hemp rope, completing the True Love Massage Candle as a more sustainable product.


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